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Bhubaneswar Pincode / Post Office Search (KHORDA, Odisha)

A G S.O 751001BhubaneswarOdisha
Abhayamukhi B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Acharya Vihar S.O 751022BhubaneswarOdisha
Aerodrome Area S.O 751020BhubaneswarOdisha
Amankud B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Andharua B.O 751003BhubaneswarOdisha
Angarpada B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Arugul B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Athantar B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
B J B Nagar S.O 751014BhubaneswarOdisha
Balakati S.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
Balianta S.O 752101BhubaneswarOdisha
Balipatna S.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Banamalipur S.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Bankual B.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Bapujee Nagar S.O 751009BhubaneswarOdisha
Benupur B.O 752101BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhainchua B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhakarsahi B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhanranizigarh B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Bharatpur B.O 751003BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhim Tangi S.O 751020BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhimatangi ND S.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhoinagar S.O 751022BhubaneswarOdisha
Bhubaneswar G.P.O. 751001BhubaneswarOdisha
Biswanathpur B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Brahman Suanlo B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
C G Colony S.O 751001BhubaneswarOdisha
C R P Lines S.O 751011BhubaneswarOdisha
Chanahat B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Dandichhatabar B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Darada B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Deulidharpur B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Dolakasati B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
G.G.P.Colony S.O 751025BhubaneswarOdisha
Gangapada B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Garh Srirampur B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
Garidipanchana B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Ghatikia B.O 751003BhubaneswarOdisha
Gopinathpur B.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Harirajpur B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
I R C Village S.O 751015BhubaneswarOdisha
Itipur B.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Jagannathpur B.O 752101BhubaneswarOdisha
Jayapur B.O 752101BhubaneswarOdisha
Jhinti Sasan B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
K I I T S.O 751024BhubaneswarOdisha
Kaimatia B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Kakarudrapur B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Kalarahanga B.O 751024BhubaneswarOdisha
Kalpana Square S.O 751006BhubaneswarOdisha
Kantabad B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Kantapada B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Kantia B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Kausalyaganga B.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Kedargouri S.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Khandagiri S.O 751030BhubaneswarOdisha
Kudiari B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Kuha B.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Kusumati B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Madanpur B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Mahukhanda B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Majhihara B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Malipada B.O 751003BhubaneswarOdisha
Mancheswar B.O 751017BhubaneswarOdisha
Mancheswar R S B.O 751017BhubaneswarOdisha
Mendhasala B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Naharakanta B.O 752101BhubaneswarOdisha
Nayapalli S.O 751012BhubaneswarOdisha
Nuapada B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Osap Campus S.O 751017BhubaneswarOdisha
Padmapur B.O 752103BhubaneswarOdisha
Paikerapur B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Palaspur B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Panchagaon B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Patia Gds B.O 751024BhubaneswarOdisha
Patrapada B.O 751019BhubaneswarOdisha
Prataprudrapur B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Raghuagorada B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Rasulgarh S.O 751010BhubaneswarOdisha
Reta R.S. B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Retang Colony S.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Saheed Nagar S.O 751007BhubaneswarOdisha
Santarapur S.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Sarakana B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
Sarakantara B.O 751019BhubaneswarOdisha
Sasan B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Satyabhamapur B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
Sisilo B.O 752100BhubaneswarOdisha
Station Bazar B.O 751006BhubaneswarOdisha
Sundarpada B.O 751002BhubaneswarOdisha
Tamando B.O 752054BhubaneswarOdisha
Taraboi B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Turintira B.O 752102BhubaneswarOdisha
Turumal B.O 752050BhubaneswarOdisha
Udyan Marg S.O 751009BhubaneswarOdisha
V S S Nagar S.O 751007BhubaneswarOdisha

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.